Wendy's Yummy Punch
Wendy's Yummy Punch

I had this at a church function and it was good, a little on the sweet side to me, but everyone else loved it. Great for receptions and showers.
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2-3 cups sugar
1 (6oz) can frozen lemonade
4 cups water
2 lg cans pineapple juice
1 lg box cherry jello
1 1/2 oz almond extract
1 (6oz) can frozen orange juice
1 gal water

Melt the sugar in water and while still hot, add Jello. (you may substitute other flavors to change color) Stir until completely dissolved. Then add remaining ingredients and chill. Serves about 60

Tip: Make ahead, store in gallon zip lock bags in the freezer and then when ready just open and put in punch bowl. You don't have to wait until its completely thawed and you have nice ice pieces to keep your punch cold.

I made this with 3 cups of sugar even though the original recipe called for 5. I really think you could get by with even less. I will say several people loved it and wanted the recipe.
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